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Claim free Wellness Coach memberships for the first 100 employees of your minority-owned business


Now through June 30, 2021, the first 100 employees who sign up for Wellness Coach from a qualifying company will receive a free membership on the platform. Register your business today!

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A minority-owned business is defined as being at least 51% owned or with at least 51% of the stock owned by minority group members including women and people who identify as Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic/ Latino/ Latina/ Latinx, Native American, or more than one of these categories.

The Power of Wellness in the Palm of Your Hand

When your company registers for a free Wellness Coach membership, the first 100 employees who sign up will receive access to these key features:

  • Accessible tools for mental and physical wellness
  • On-demand and live courses and content with real, certified coaches
  • Personal finance advice
  • Nutrition advice
  • Activities and guidance for better sleep 
  • Team wellness challenges
  • Wellness Audiobooks

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“Small businesses have had a taxing year both financially and emotionally. Data shows a disproportionate and greater financial impact on minority-owned small businesses. Beyond carrying normal financial burdens, many small businesses are carrying heavy family and community responsibilities as well – all of this weighs heavily on workplace productivity and holistic wellness.

Having a workforce that prioritizes physical, mental, and financial well-being, as well as, self-care is a tremendous competitive advantage - as preventative health and holistic wellness efforts can cultivate a more cohesive, productive and resilient workforce.”

Wilson Muscadin Certified Financial Educational Instructor, Wellness Coach.

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“As a minority-owned business, we understand the unique challenges that founders and their employees face on a daily basis.”

Julie Sharma Co-Founder and COO of Wellness Coach

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“We want to make holistic wellness more accessible for smaller minority-owned businesses who are feeling a bigger impact from the pandemic, their businesses, and mental health.”

D Sharma Co-Founder and CEO of Wellness Coach

Cultivate a cohesive, productive, and resilient workforce. Claim your free Wellness Coach memberships today.